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Audio PCB Module Board

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PCB Service

We provide our customer with four main kinds of PCB services: Express Plus, Express Saver, Expedited and Economy. You can choose the right one according to your needs. If your order meets the requirements of small batches (up to 10pcs) and small sizes (up to 3.9*3.9 sq inches), you can enjoy a price as low as 19.9 USD.

General Information

Value-added Service:

We also provide some value-added services to meet our customers’ special needs. Additional fees will be charged based on the standard prices. These value-added services are as follows:
  1. Solder mask color: red, yellow, blue or white
  2. Surface finish: tin lead-free finish or immersion gold
  3. Thickness of the board: special sizes available in some services. View the corresponding services.
  4. Copper: 2oz
  5. Stamp holes
  6. Testing: all board to be tested
  7. Jointed boards: available for 2-layer and 4-layer boards
  8. (*This service is as to different boards required to be jointed. The same boards to be jointed are not what we talk about here and are not additionally charged.)
  9. File Processing: Eagle, Protel, PowerPCB
  10. Following express service will be additionally charged:
  11. Address Correction
  12. Bill Receiver/Freight Collect Reversal
  13. Special Handling for Undeliverable Packages
  14. Extended Area


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